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Old 02-25-2008, 06:22 PM
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Post B+ Monotub Growlog

This is going to be short and sweet. The pictures explain a lot.


1> WBS
2> LC
3> Poo
4> Monotub
5> Mycobags

No guarentees on this grow and if you guys follow this log and it ends up not producing any (fruits) of my labor then I appologize.

First I made up some LC with spores from T.H.E. I used B+ and SA.
The LC colonized nicely and this is the first time Ive ever had a successful LC. It was made from 8 table spoons light karo and 900ml spring water

I rinsed my WBS until it ran clear. I put holes in bucket 1" from the top and every inch all the way around so WBS on the bottom could get rinsed nicely.

I soaked it for 24 hours, actually it was 48 bc I forgot about it. The water ended up being a rust color and bubbling like a frog was living in it. Very foamy too. Rinsed again until it ran clear. Strained for about 10 hours. 6 seems to be too little and makes the WBS too wet *espically the WBS on the bottom, and 24 is way too long and will take forever to colonize. I know from me previous grow.

I put the WBS into my mycobags and some in to jars... (luckly)

I PCed everything for 2 hrs at 15psi
I never let the PC depressurize on its own and never knew why people recommended it. I never had a problem doign it with jars but this is the reason why you need to for bags...

I got this nice syringe and stirred my jars

I sucked up some LC and innoced my bags

ALL of them got cobweb, I wish I had a picture of what it looked like... it was amazing and Im glad that I got it. The cobweb formed a PERFECT sphere on top of the WBS in the mycobags and there were spikes of cobweb comming straight out of the ball. AMAZING!

I innoced my jars using the multi spore technique.
I innoced more myco bags with the LC and it contamed AGAIN, this time so the the bags had green in the and some of them had black. There were little black dots ontop of the WBS in the bags. I think it was trich since it can come in many forms.

After my $25 investment for the bags was a complete failure I still had the jars to work with (luckly ) During the colonization time of the jars I shook them 6 times... foolish.

One of the jars appreared to have a worm in it and I know that you CAN get flies

I guess it was just a stick in the WBS. Nothing to worry about.

They took over a month to "fully" colonize.

The jars were like this for 2 weeks with no progress. Many people said it was a bacteria infection and this and that but I asure you it was nothing of the sort.

I finally got tired of waiting around I figured once I spawn to bulk with the WBS being so close to being fully colonized that it will just finish in the monotub.

I read a tek about pasteurizing using a wallpaper steamer. It looks like it would work great but the site that had them refurbished for $20 no longer carries them...WTF?! TAKE THEM OFF THE SITE IF YOU ARENT GOING TO CARRY THEM ANYMORE...idiots.

I planed on pasteurizing in a cooler but putting 170 deg F water it with the poo in oven bags. Well, not oven bags but seal-a-meal bags. I made this little set up.

We had heavy rain for about a week straight and I put my poo outside on a shower curtian and let it get wet then dry in the sun then wet then dry. I took the dry poo and put it in to a 5gal bucket and put water in it little by little so it didnt get over saturated. We're looking for field consistancy right?

After I had that done I put the poo into bags. I didnt have a scale to weigh out how much I was using so I just guessed...its no big D. I put the poo into my pasteurizer.

I poured in the 170deg F water and closed the lid. I inside of the bags got to about 100 deg F and no higher. I put a small space heater right in from of the cooler to try to heat it up more. The bags then got to 110 deg F but still not enough. I took the water out of the cooler and put it back into my PC being used as a pot and heated the water again. This time to 210deg F. I poured it back in and it still wasn't hot enough.

By this time it was 4 in the AM and my girlfriend was passed out. So I got to use the stove :rofl:

The internal bag temp stayed about 150 for 1 hour. I took the bags out of the oven after checking all their temps and impulse sealed the bags. I knew that thing would come in handy for something else since I wont be doing bags again and my first set contaminated. I got a sealer for $30 off a yahoo store. GREAT DEAL. Brand new with 2 extra elements.

I sealed the bags and let them cool until the next day. I needed some sleep, :crazy2: I was losing my mind.

I spawned 3 quart jars to ever to bags poo. I wiped the tub down with 91% alcohol because I ran out of the 70 or 71% w/e it is. I mixed it all together very well and covered with a blanket and turned my small heater on to get the monotub internal temp up to 79-81 deg. I sat in the closet for an hour to get the temp right. I think my girlfriend thought I was jerkin it or something :thumbup:

I used the rest of the poo to spawn to in 3 pie plates to do a little experiment.

1st plate) Mixed
2nd plate) Spawn on bottom and poo on top
3rd plate) Poo and layer of spawn on top.

I threw them in the incubator at 81 deg F. Just a simple TIT

Cups in there so when I have 349071234 pounds of jars and spawn in there it doesnt sag and melt a whole in my tub or burn this mother down

The mixed one is taking off and the one with the spawn on the bottom is a close second. The one with it on top has no visible signs yet. Lame.
I have this little thing I put together...

The temp gage on the left is room temp and the one on the right is my digital heater for my TIT. Its only 74 in the picture. Thats when I set it up and was waiting for the water to heat up.

Here is the monotub as of Aug 4th. I have 2 monotubs going and both of them are looking the same. Any ideas on how to get clearer pictures? Maybe I wont use the flash next time. Will turning the lights on for a few minutes ever day start pinning? I have to have light when I check my jars and shit. I don't want to make trouble for myself

IDK when I stated this grow but its been too long (bc I shook the jars too much. I will NEVER shake another jar, not even at 25% colonization.)

Here is a picture of what I have running in the room 24/7

It captures and kill bacteria.
Anyhow... I will continue this log as soon as there is more progress. I will also be posting pictures of the pie plates.

So its been about a week or so and the monotubs are looking good. I think that the substrate pulled away from the monotub side a little bit but I'm not sure.

The pictures are not very good because of the flash bouncing off the clear plastic. I would take out some poly fill and snap a picture like that but its just not worth the risk to me.

Monotub 1

Monotub 2

Metabolites in monotub 1

Metabolites in pie plate 2 (spawn on bottom)

So today I needed to see how far the monotubs have actually gone. Looking through the clear plastic in the dark is hard to tell. So I opened it... probably a mistake but we'll see

Last night I mixed up my casing mix. Its 50/50

The perfect mix is based on peat moss and horticulture perlite. I originally made it a 1:4 ratio with the 1 being the perfect mix but after reading the ingrediants I just made it 50/50.

With so much debate on whether to pasteurize or sterilize a casing mix I forgot what I was doing and sterilized it after promising myself to pasteurize. I ended up using all my vermiculite so I had to buy more and the sterilized casing mix Im going to use on my pie plates. I think I'm going to mix up some more 50/50 and PASTEURIZE it to use in my monotubs.

Little update:

Monotub 1 bottom

Monotub 2 bottom

Going to be getting the internal temp to about 80 for the next 2 days too see if I can get these suckers colonized to 100% so I can case them.


Monotub 2 has a big crack in it... I think both of the tubs are DRY. I might dunk before I case.

Cased my pie plate tonight... the mixed one.

The monotubs are going slow. They colonized 90% quick as shit but its just not starting to get nice and thick in a few spots on top.

The pieplate casing is doing nothing yet.

The pie plate with spawn on top is just starting to break through the bottom

The pie plate with spawn on the bottom is at 100% and will be cased tomorrow.

The buckets are going nice, crazy rhizos on them.

My next set of jars are almost 100%

I need more jars to innoc with my 7 new strains

Pics tomorrow!

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Old 02-25-2008, 06:59 PM
legallyhomeless legallyhomeless is offline
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Sorry some of the pictures are slightly blurry, I hurt my back really bad just before taking these lifting up my monotubs.

Pie plate 1 (mixed) *CASED

Pie plate 2 (spawn on bottom)

Pie plate 3 (spawn on top)

Monotub 1

Monotub 2


TiT sucks hardcore. Going back to the heatbomb :rockon: to utilize equipment. No sence in waisting 2 tubs for 1 incubator when I can have 2 incubators :thumbup:

Already have 2 heaters. Ill be on the lookout for water bottles tomorrow.

So a few days ago I fucked up A LOT.

I was going to dunk my monotubs to rehydrate them before casing due to their cracking. I didn't have good water and it was raining and I figured it was pure so I put the tubs outside.

Shortly after realizing it would take forever to fill one. I then turned the hose on and gave the substrate a nice bath and let it sit in cold ass water for about fifteen minutes.

I then turned the monotubs on end to drain the water. The one casing fell apart. I crumbled that myc and left the other monotub as is. I forgot to take the polyfill out so it was soaked. I put fresh in.

Later cased with 70/20/10 casing mixture. Verm/perfect mix with perlite/coco coir. Thought I would try this out and pasteurized it at 140-160 for a little over an hour.

I didn't make nearly enough casing mix to satisfy both tubs. One has a depth of about an inch and the other just on the surface and down in the sites. I might make more... what do you think?

I think for the buckets im not going to dunk since its somewhat unnecessary and it will just create a mess since the holes are below the substrate line.

I patched my one monotub that had very little casing mix on it. There is about 1" of casing on the monotubs.

EVERYTHING cased and patched. The mixed pie plate is the only thing fruiting right now. I'm having trouble keeping the humidity. Using perlite in a tub with 4 holes on each side and polyfill. Misting 3 times a day and a small fan on medium about 1ft away from the tub.

Last night I bought more perlite and put more into the tub holding the pie plate. I put in about 5 inches of it. The humidity didn't go past 75.

I took out the perlite and drilled a hole in the side and put in a fish tank heater. I then put in enough water to cover it. I figured the heater would evaporate the water and create humidity... Ive used this method before.

Unfortunately I cut the rubber around the heater while trying to make a heatbomb and when I put the heater in the tub it started leaking out of the hole.

I then duct taped the hole and took all 3 pie plates, mixed them together and turned it into a monotub

Figure Ill get a bigger yield doing this anyhow. The other 2 tubs are breaking through the casing layer nice and even... hopefully when its time to fruit they will be able to keep their humidity by themselves. Set it and forget it right?

Well the 3 pie plates I mixed up into a monotub started to pin. I figured instead of fight them Ill help them. I started giving them FAE but they aren't getting much humidity. A few sprays now and then is working ok. They are still small little guys. There is no casing layer.

Just looked in the monotub that I crumbled the 3 pie plates into. I didnt case it or anything, but because of the temp drop since Im fruiting the other 2 monotubs it started to pin before the cased ones. They arent doing shit....

Here is the bottom left hole

Bottom right hole.

There are more mushies but I just cant get a picture of them.

Looks like I know what Im doing after all. Still hoping for a nice even pinset BUT... I got my first pin in monotub 1 aswell.

Monotub 1

Monotub 2

Pieplates 1-3 mixed together (uncased) Fun for the whole family.

Oh, BTW I made 2 heatbombs... both melted and leaked water everywhere. I dont have any idea why. So Ive downgraded once again... this time Im just using a blanket.

So after posting the pictures from yesterday this morning when I woke up, I went to check on my tubs. They have small pins EVERYWHERE. Looks like its going to be a killer pinset.

The mushrooms in the monotub made from the 3 pie plates have doubled in size. The were little skinny guys and I figured it was due to no humidity since there was no casing layer. Well misting them must be doing the trick because they are getting thick


Pics as promised.....

Kind of hard to see because of the flash but higher quality they are kick ass. The ones without the flash were hard to see anything. Look like both REAL monotubs are going to be nice nice nice even flushes.

Monotub 1 pins

Monotub 2 pins

Pie plates yesterday

Pie plates today

Even bigger today! But Ill hold off on taking more picture untill I see something kick ass or all the mushies are mature.

Actually because I like you guys so much... here are some more pictures...

Monotub 1 (see the fatty in back?)

Monotub 2

Pieplate Monotub

cool right?
This is my first monotub attempt as well as WBS and poo... only the 2nd time I've cased too... This should be hope for all you noobs out there.

When I needed to patch I figured instead of pasteurizing another batch I would just take whats already available. I scraped the thicker parts of the casing over to where the myc was just breaking through. Doing this as you can see from the pictures, made the myc break through perfectly... PERFECTLY even. Even casing layer, even break through of the myc, even pinset :thumbup:

First harvest... kind of

Edit: This was from the pieplate monotub BTW. The other 2 are crazy sick with pins.

No need to tell me how awesome I am...:dielaughing:

Monotub 1

Still many small pins in the spaces that look empty.

Monotub 2

They empty spots on this one are infact empty... IDK why

Today they are twice as big. Im going to wait until tomorrow night or maybe even the next morning before I look again. Although most likely..... Im just lieing to myself

Drum roll please........


Presenting Monotub 1

Monotub 2

Going to wait another 6 hours or so before harvest so that the rest of the caps can open. I should pick now so the spores dont drop but I've already made a few prints so I see no reason not to wait.

Both monotubs are comming in nice and thick for their 2nd harvest. Pictures in a day or so.

So here are some contams Ive been brewing....

Im not sure what this one is. Maybe some form of trich?



Mean Green :hulk:

On a lighter note... 2nd flushes are comming in along with an unexpected surprise.

Monotub 1

Monotub 2


Hardly any humidity in this sucker. No misting or anything...
it started fruiting small amounts again so I gave it a drink to show her I appreciate her efforts.

Monotub 1 flush 2

Monotub 2 didn't get much bigger

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Old 02-25-2008, 07:00 PM
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Well my pie plate "monotub" (more like neglect to the point where it does nothing tek) spit out this dehydrated mother the other day, decided to make a print...

Spors dropping



I want to thank:


You guys rock.


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Old 02-26-2008, 07:46 AM
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Thumbs up

Hmm....I cant see pics? Foaf was a member there a very long time ago.

Awesome read! Good write up! Wish I could see the pics.
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Old 02-26-2008, 06:48 PM
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Wow you cant see the pictures? I can seen them fine. A few are broken because I must have put in the wrong links. Its really something to see.
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Old 02-27-2008, 01:26 AM
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Thumbs up

Now I can see the pics.....One word....Beautiful!
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Old 02-27-2008, 05:27 AM
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Did it just for you Mycrobia. Plenty more where that came from
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Old 02-28-2008, 01:12 AM
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tasty looking
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Old 02-29-2008, 07:09 AM
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Very Nice! I just started two micro monotubs out of the half sized bins
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Old 02-29-2008, 07:09 AM
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Definitely a beautiful canopy.
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